Human Techs-Books: an experiment in AI content generation

The Human Techs-Books project is an exploration of the ways that generative AI can be used to create engaging and original content for distance or hybrid education. Uniquely, we have used generative AI tools such as ChatGPT, MangaTV, and Stable Diffusion to examine individual academic papers and pulled out the key points for a wider audience.

The starting point for the project was some rapid ideas around how to make academic work (of any discipline) more accessible. This led to the creation of large scale art works completed in collaboration with an artist – and now on display in the Maxwell Building at the Peel Park campus of the University of Salford. It also produced card and board games for colleagues and students. This project is another one of those ideas that creates accessible work.

We identified eight papers produced by Salford based authors plus a ninth work, that focuses on sustainability and marketing and an important part of the brief for this project. From there the papers became the basis for generate case studies, crossword puzzle, glossaries and connections games as well as AI generated art to support the materials. We have described this content in combination as micro-CPDs. The idea is that everything that can be teased out of the papers can be accessed through this – hopefully engaging – content.

As is so often the case, this project has also hinted at further new ideas that the team will explore after the work’s debut at the We Invented the Weekend festival. We also plan to document the work as a full academic paper in itself. Any feedback is welcome through the comments form or you can help us by completing our survey.

Adnan Bayyat, Gordon Fletcher, Saomai Vu Khan


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