Multi-choice questions can be variable. We have gone down the path of creating multi-choice quizzes using the most-correct answer approach. This means there are no ‘all of the above’ or ‘none of the above’ options, all the answers are plausible, and all of the answers are of a similar length. This is the approach used by professional bodies as part of their qualifications process.

Reading the paper and looking at the glossay will help. A lot.

  1. Sustainability and marketing
  2. Transforming legal education
  3. Redefining professional identity in higher education
  4. ESG disclosure in the energy industry
  5. Proprietary rights and social media
  6. Exploring the secret world of male skincare
  7. Financial Empowerment in low income communities
  8. Engaging industry in vocational training
  9. Digital transformation for managing change


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