What is this all about?

This is a project based in wearable PR, academic knowledge exchange and, hopefully, a bit of fun. We have developed a WordPress site using the LearnPress pluging to create a series of short courses – micro CPDs – based on a single paper authored by a Salford Business School academic. The full papers are in there, along with glossaries, case studies and other things you would expect to find in a CPD course. But there are also puzzles and activities that are a bit more entertaining and blur the lines between education and entertainment (if only there was some sort of portmanteau word to describe that situation).

The project also stresses how learning can happen any time and any place. Sometimes you can even learn something by scanning a QR code on a person’s costume.

Where to from here?

You can choose to do…

  1. Some wordles
  2. Some crossword puzzles
  3. Connections puzzles
  4. Crank it up with some cryptic crosswords
  5. or try some quizzes

Be warned – we have added a bit of challenge to all of these puzzles.

All of these are drawn from the papers themselves – you can follow the whole course for any of the 9 papers through salfordbusiness.net.

Feel free to contact us with suggestions and ideas for applying this approach elsewhere and if you have tried out some of the material it would be really help if you complete our survey.


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