Cryptic Crosswords

We like a puzzle. Sometimes they can be quick and simple. But sometimes we want a bit more of a challenge. Crosswords can really fit that bill for needing a bit more effort but then they are so much more satisfying when the correct solution is laid out in front of you. 2024 is the centenary of newspaper crossword (According to Wikipedia) and it didn’t take long after that for the cryptic variants to arrive.

We are definitely not professional setters – and AI provided quite a bit of support to create these – and then we provided a bit more help to make the clues cryptic. Generative AI was a bit too keen to include the answer in the clue (and there is nothing to say that there might still be a few of this obvious answers hidden in plain sight).

Choose one or more of these crosswords. It may help to read the paper that they are based on first (or feel free to stumble right in).

  1. Sustainability and marketing
  2. Transforming legal education
  3. Redefining professional identity in higher education
  4. ESG disclosure in the energy industry
  5. Proprietary rights and social media
  6. Exploring the secret world of male skincare
  7. Financial Empowerment in low income communities
  8. Engaging industry in vocational training
  9. Digital transformation for managing change


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