Making Connections

When the New York Times bought Wordle from its developer Josh Wardle in 2022 it set down a marker as a source for all forms of word puzzles. With the introduction of the Connections games – connecting four sets of 4 conceptually linked words – the stakes were raised with an even more challenging set of daily puzzles.

In the New York Times game there is the entire scope of words and concepts to draw upon, but we have restricted ourselves by only drawing upon words from the individual papers. These are not only four sets of 4 linked words but also sets of words that have links to each other. In other words, these puzzles are really tough. We tested these with the original authors of the papers and in some cases they have been caught out. So if you like a genuinely challenging puzzle this is the one (but you will definitely benefit from reading the underlying papers before an attempt).

  1. Sustainability and marketing
  2. Transforming legal education
  3. Redefining professional identity in higher education
  4. ESG disclosure in the energy industry
  5. Proprietary rights and social media
  6. Exploring the secret world of male skincare
  7. Financial Empowerment in low income communities
  8. Engaging industry in vocational training
  9. Digital transformation for managing change


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