Wordle is the word puzzle that has spawned dozens of derivatives. You can guess countries, films, Pokemon, evil anti-Wordle, or a NSFW version. We have just stuck to original concept but the words are drawn from academic papers and can sometimes be a bit lengthy or obscure! (as well as sometimes being really obvious)!

If you have done your Wordle for the day then try these options and get in some extra practice. Unlike the original Wordle game we haven’t respected the word length and some of these puzzles involve longer (much longer) words.

  1. Sustainability and marketing
  2. Transforming legal education
  3. Redefining professional identity in higher education
  4. ESG disclosure in the energy industry
  5. Proprietary rights and social media
  6. Exploring the secret world of male skincare
  7. Financial Empowerment in low income communities
  8. Engaging industry in vocational training
  9. Digital transformation for managing change


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