Crosswords are a great way to test knowledge. Clues provide a definition to a key term. For academic work where jargon can be heavy the answers can be specialist terms or common words with specific meanings. So even though these are standard crosswords there is a challenge in finding the technical words. Unlike other crosswords it may NOT be the first word you think of.

If you get stuck it is worth looking at the glossary for the related course as often these are words are part of the solution.

  1. Sustainability and marketing
  2. Transforming legal education
  3. Redefining professional identity in higher education
  4. ESG disclosure in the energy industry
  5. Proprietary rights and social media
  6. Exploring the secret world of male skincare
  7. Financial Empowerment in low income communities
  8. Engaging industry in vocational training
  9. Digital transformation for managing change


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